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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • Jae - From Victoria on

    Good morning I just want to say
    thank you so much for your
    reading on Wednesday morning,
    not only did I need to hear what
    you were saying, but it made me
    look at my life differently, and it
    was a wake up call for me, that
    afternoon I sat out in the sun and I
    just cried, because your words
    were so spot on, and I released
    what I needed to. I even called my
    grandmother after a long time of
    not speaking with her and she is
    as sick as you told me, I can’t
    thank you enough, you have
    bought a new lease on life for me

  • Sally on

    I can truly not thank Donna enough for such a beautiful reading. It was my first time being read by Donna and all I can say is that she was spot on, so caring and super sensitive when delivering words from loved ones 💖😇

    Donna thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are such a gift and I am so blessed to have had a reading from you xx😘💖😇🥰💐🌼

  • Josephine Sartor - Book review on

    Hi I am so glad that I invested in this interesting book . It was a very emotional read about Donna’s life and journey of her mediumship abilities. Her life story has left an imprint on my heart, I admire her courage and honour her abilities as a medium. I wish her every success!

  • Jade QLD on

    Kellie Jansen I sure can vouch for this lovely lady, EVERYTIME Dee has read for me she is spot on, the comfort she brings is unlike any you’ll ever experience.

  • Kellie QLD on

    I can say 💯 this woman is the real deal!
    Ask me, hit me up- inbox me.. I have held two party’s with this amazing lady where everyone who attended had someone special come true or just hit every single message carried over to the right person every time! Jade Grimley can also verify this… I’m hoping sometime this year – I get to see this lovely lady in person again.. You Rock D xx

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