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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • Alison - Sydney on

    Donna Young is an accurate and detailed reader
    Her attention to detail and information is incredible
    She is one of the most gifted and talented
    Psychic Mediums & Psychic / Teachers I have ever met
    As a mentor she is able to tune into things
    and give credible evidence In her teaching
    I have received a number of leadings
    from Donna and she is spot on every

  • Mel - Byron Bay on

    Donna Young is the most accurate psychic medium that I have had the pleasure of abtaining readings
    Donnas readings are incredibly detailed and are delivered professionally with kindness and
    I have been lucky enough to call Donna a friend, teacher and mentor.
    Donnas knowledge in all areas of psychic mediumship is very extensive and she also dedicares her time to mentoring students wanting to develop their intuition and psychic awareneSs
    I woud recommend
    Donna 100 per cent to any body
    looking to find a psychic that can be trusted to deliver messages and information with sensitivitt,
    Kindness and compassion

  • Emily - Cootamundra on

    I have had many psychic mediumship readings from Donna. I Keep coming back to her as she is so accurate at her profession!
    1. Donna has an amazing way of describing i my relatives or friends (that she deesn’t know). The descriptions are spot on in relation to appearance, personality, mannerisme, and things that they say or do.
    2. without prompt, Donna described to me my exact thoughts and proposed plans that I have been considerng for renovations to my house. She described The location, layout, materials used, the pool including the store water feature (that would be used as a screen), as well as the purpose of the addihoral room’s use-which would be for me to work out of.
    3. Without prompt, Donna has drawn attention to work and course opporturities that I am currently warling in as well as considering switchin , to. shehas even explained the name of the instituten Ian studying in, as well as the course.

  • Pippa - Brazil on

    Wow! I would not believe this unless I tried it for myself. Donna’s reading was gifted to me from a friend and it was the best gift I have ever received
    In 15 Minutes Donna gave me everything I needed
    My mom came straight in to tell me
    what I needed to know. She told me details of my mom, events and what’s happening now even the future which haven’t happened yet but it my 1 year plan. Donna could not have known any of this
    I am so excited about the other predictions as my friend advised me everything she told her came true
    I totally recommend not missing out on this experience xoxoxo

  • Markus on

    I had a few of Donna’s readings about different topics by now. All done via Zoom! Every time I learn so much about what is coming within the next months or my long-term future. That insight prepares me for what is inevitable in front. It does not resolve upcoming challenges or remove a significant problem, but the knowledge gives me time for preparation. Of course, the positive elements provide me with encouragement and strength. I have also done past live explorations to understand my soul’s eternal journey better.
    Whatever your needs are, Donna (together with the spirits) can give you the insight you need now – with an accuracy never experienced before.
    Thank you for your readings!

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