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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • James on

    I have had a couple of readings from Ben and they have been quite insightful and accurate. He has a fantastic energy and a great sense of humour. I highly recommend Ben and Donna to anyone seeking guidance and connection to spirit. Keep up the great work :)

  • Bianca - Newcastle Show 7th March 2019 on

    I was an audience member of Mediums on Tour a few weeks back in Newcastle. It was an absolutely fantastic evening! Benjamin and Donna are extremely gifted and the insight they gave to the audience was evidently on point, sometimes very emotional and also exremely entertaining. The energy in the room was so warm and welcoming. And at the end of the show, the vibe was AMAZING!! Some audience members were in shock of the accuracy of their readings. The detail and sometimes history that was spoken about by Benjamin & Donna in their readings simply just could not be made up! Both mediums also made a point of not taking a reading “too personal” in front of the other audience members, but still got their message or information across very dignified 😉
    It was also great that almost all of the audience received a reading on the night! The mediums obviously were aware to spread the love and insight around to ensure as many audience members as possible got to connect with passed loved ones ❤
    There was no mucking around or beating around the bush when it came to the readings. Information and insight was given without hesitation and we all witnessed Benjamin’s funny confirmation method.
    These mediums are down to earth, relatable and honestly captivating. There was not one audience member that night who’s eyes were not glued to the front of the audience and quite a few eyes that were even a little leaky at times 😉
    I would also like to add that not only was I an audience member on the night, but the night was also a fundraiser for ‘The Little Juddies’ where all proceeds of the night was given to the battling Aussie Farmers for The Little Juddies final drought run for 2019. The generosity and humbleness of these mediums is truely beautiful ❤ Thankyou for a great night, Thankyou for sharing your gift, and I cant wait to attend your next Newcastle show on 7th March 2019!!
    Bianca xx

  • Suzanne - Dubbo 7 Feb 2019 on

    Thank you Donna Ronnie Pearson for inviting me to your party with Psychic Medium Donna Young it was amazing as was my face to face reading on Sunday, thank you so much and god bless 💕💕😘

  • Kim on

    I had a reading done last night spot on there was one person I couldnt figure out but thinking about it afterwards it dawned on me who it was and it was 100% true highly recommend for

  • Samantha on

    Over the last couple of years, Donna has been reading my cards.

    With every reading without a doubt she so spot on. And thank you for your support hun.

    I highly recommend Donna she is amazing.

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