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  • Kellie QLD on

    I can say 💯 this woman is the real deal!
    Ask me, hit me up- inbox me.. I have held two party’s with this amazing lady where everyone who attended had someone special come true or just hit every single message carried over to the right person every time! Jade Grimley can also verify this… I’m hoping sometime this year – I get to see this lovely lady in person again.. You Rock D xx

  • Andrea - IA-USA on

    Donna has a gift beyond anything imaginable.
    I’ve reached out to her before when needing to connect to m my dad to get confirmation on decision.

    Donna connected to 3 of my family members who had passed a few years ago. The messages and confirmation she passed on from them were spot on and timely. It felt as if she’s living with me and inside of me and advised on a personal situation only I know about.

    Donna is the best and so very highly recommended!

  • Tracey on

    I experienced Donna’s skill while she mentored my reader, Viv. She helped Viv relay the messages from my family in the way my European family spoke: directly!. I was delighted by what Donna told me; she could clearly detail messages for me even though we did not know one another. Because of Donna’s ability to connect with accuracy and depth, I have reconsidered how I see my current existence, taking on board the information shared. I found Donna to be warm and comforting because of her empathetic nature. I look forward to connected with her again as my experience with her has given me valuable insight / advice I never would have otherwise got, making me feel much more hopeful and at peace. 🧡🧡🧡

  • Spirit Club Review by Literary Titan on

    Spirit Club Review

    November 25, 2021

    Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered, by Donna Young is a fantastic guide that helps mediums embrace and develop their gifts. The author’s mission is to mentor up and coming mediums and share her wealth of knowledge with anyone that has a desire to reach their full potential. Donna Young covers a lot of material in this short book, but what I liked most about this book was how nothing seemed preachy. Everything seemed so approachable. And in this way I can tell Donna Young is an expert at her craft, because she is able to capture that warm comforting feeling you often get when walking into the presence of a medium and place it into her book. She keeps a conversational tone throughout the whole book which helped me connect with the information easier. She uses her own experiences to show what she’s talking about, which helped me learn but also entertained me with her fascinating anecdotes. She talks about making sure that you are coming from a place of positive intentions and self-love, which is an example of the sensible but crucial advice dispensed throughout this book that essentially improves you as a person as well as a medium. Through simple and inviting language I was able to understand everything that was shared. In most cases, I felt that what she was talking about could be applied to all areas of your life, not just in the psychic realm. While I was skeptical at times, I was assuaged by the fact that the information in general was just so uplifting. Donna Young shares information from a positive frame of reference, which is no surprise that she practices what she preaches, but I think readers should come at this book with those same rose-colored glasses as I think it will improve the experience. Donna Young has written a wonderful book that is useful for anyone who is open to the spiritual world and learning more about it. The authors conversational approach and willingness to open up about her own experiences made this book riveting as well as enlightening. Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered is a short but resourceful spiritual guide that is filled with keen advice that can help readers improve their psychic abilities.


    [Following is an official review of “Spirit Club” by Donna Young.]
    Book Cover
    4 out of 4 stars
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    In her book, Spirit Club, Donna Young delved into the spiritual realm. Donna saw her first ‘spirit’ at the age of four. Her mother thought she was weird and had put her on medication because she conversed with air. It was not until her teen years that Donna had her personal experience with the other ‘realm’ — a place she described as peaceful and calm.

    One of the first things that readers would probably notice in this book would be the image of a tree and a bench that formed the backdrop of every page in the book. While they were assuredly cute, they also set a meditative mood for the entire book. The images captured the right mood for this book: sober and mediative.

    Donna adopted a calm and understanding language in this book. Not only that, she wrote as though she referred to just one reader constantly. This writing style would create a bond between the author and the reader. It was apparent that the author intended to provide guidelines for mediums and all those who work in the spiritual realm. At the same time, she had also demystified some of these concepts — mediums, psychics, readings — for the ordinary person.

    Through this book, Donna may have projected hope to her readers, especially the ordinary person, with her submissions about death and the afterlife. She wrote about death in such a calm, unscary manner that it was almost easy to forget the dread associated with the unknown end. This was because readers might no longer view death as quite the unknown after reading this book.

    This book may have busted some people’s beliefs about ghosts and scary movies. Donna challenges our conceptions about ‘spirit beings’ with some hilarious scenarios. The scenarios are hilarious, maybe because most people can relate to them. One of such hilarious scenarios is how the sound of creaking old floorboards and rats scampering back into hiding will have one in fear that Count Dracula is on the loose. Also, while her references to movies like The Exorcist make her explanations relatable, she may have also effectively ruined some people’s favorite scary movies.

    Amid all the talk about the spiritual journey, Donna managed to include wise nuggets on the importance of self-love and self-knowledge. She highlighted the necessity of loving one’s imperfections, which could be said to be a profoundly spiritual journey as well.

    The author’s writing mostly came from her experiences, as she showed what it took to be a good medium. This added an authenticity to the book that would build trust between her readers and herself. The picture of herself at age sixteen with her dad added a personal touch to the narrative.

    I’d recommend this book to those on the verge of starting their spiritual journey, mediums in training, and those desirous of learning more about the spiritual world. I liked every aspect of this book, especially the exceptional editing. Therefore, I’d rate it 4 out of 4 stars.

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