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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • Lesley on

    Another great reading off Donna. Thank you for the promise of what is to come. Amazing connection with spirit convincing and hopeful.

  • Lynne Weston on

    I have run a Spiritualist Church for over 25yrs and have seen many Mediums, and I can thoroughly recommend Donna Young as being one of the best Mediums that I have had a personal reading with, very accurate and spiritual.

  • Jill Bruneau on

    Amazingly accurate reading!!! Very impressive and so soothing for me to hear. Donna is the real deal and a great chick as well. I would and will recommend her to anyone. Xx

  • Hannah Grum - Orange NSW on

    Donna is amazinggggg💓 Thankyou donna for the most special reading xxxx

  • Isa on

    I’ve had a mediumship reading with Donna yesterday night and I can highly recommend her! I’ve had my fair share of mediumship readings over the last years. And her ease in channeling the information and the many details is amazing to witness! Her humour and warm personality makes you feel at ease straight away. She really described my passed over loved ones intimately and gave very specific information about them and about my own life. If you haven’t tried Donna yet, go for it, you won’t regret it!

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