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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • Lee on

    I highly recommend Donna for a reading she has a unique gift and helped myself get so much clarity and healing thank God for Donna 🙏💫💕🌻👏

  • Fiona on

    Donna thank you so much for connecting with my nan and loved ones.

    It was tear worthy how you connected with people who knew me and still protect me.
    You had great insight into me without even knowing me. Truly a blessing to have got a reading from you

  • Debra on

    Had a reading with Donna last Sunday, it was amazing, she is amazing and absolutely fantabulous on what she does! It has taken me a week to write this review as I have been so blown away about things that Donna revealed, she was spot on and has given me and my family food for thought, she told me exactly where we were at the present which was so true and gave us insight into our future! You are amazing Donna and I am so blessed to have found you for guidance, I will be back for more❣️

  • Reea Pawley on

    I’m a channeller and psychic and wanted to connect with Donna for her mediumship skills. I needed help with a couple of very significant loved ones who had crossed over in the last couple of years. So you can imagine working in the industry and having my own intuitive skills I am not easily fooled, I also get many Readings, from channellers and psychics all over the world, often to check out what colleagues are offering. Donna is the real deal and by far the best psychic medium I have ever had a Reading with. I can’t recommend Donna highly enough, she is very warm and compassionate and really cares. Not many of us have the skills to bring through names of departed loved ones, she did. She was completely accurate with everything she said that I knew, including my ex-partners name and the fact that he had proposed and I was still wearing his ring. She made many predictions for the future, so that will be interesting!

  • Jade Grimley on

    I had another reading from Dee on Wednesday night I think that was my 7th and yet again she floored me with the messages from my loved one who didn’t hold back in telling Dee what I’ve been up to & what’s been going on in my life which hadn’t been revealed to anyone Dee was able to give me the guidance and reassurance I needed to put me at ease and move forward from being stuck. See hasn’t got one wrong in any reading I’ve had from yet and I’ll continue to turn to her when for confirmation, guidance & when I need to be reassured my loved one is still with me. She has brought me immense comfort yet again. I can not say enough great things about her, when I’m stuck she’s who I go to.

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