Psychic Mediums
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Meet - Mediums On Tour

Donna Young travels around Australia as “Mediums On Tour” Giving clear messages from spirit with amazing detail..

Donna also works with other accomplished mediums sending messages of love with guidance and closure for the future.. 

All Mediums have a very strong friendship, and a love for working with spirit with funny, loving, Kind and unique personalities and there unique gifts will leave you wanting to see more..

Come and watch us or book a one on one reading with Donna or the Spirit Club Team on line..

One on One Readings are also Available Only via Zoom throughout COVID Restrictions. 

Meet the Spirit Club Team - Mediums On Tour

MELINDA - Meet Spirit Clubs Angel

Mel has been communicating with spirit since a child..  Slowly forming a very strong connection.. Gentle and kind Melinda channels clear messages of love and guidance from spirit with detail and accuracy.

JAMES - Meet Spirit Clubs Astro Messenger

James has travelled and worked through out the cosmos since he was a child. He sends love felt messages from spirit with hope, healing and guidance.
Also Specialising in detailed spirit drawings 

KYM - 
Meet Spirit Clubs Fairy 

Kym is a strong transe medium, channeling from all dimensions since she was a small child.. Kym has a unique gift with all she sees and her readings are the same. Full of love and guidance  with amazing accuracy and detail of your loved ones, guides and future premonitions. 

ALISON - Meet Spirit Clubs Transe Healer 

Working with Spirit from a young age, Alison has studied in many areas to make a difference to people’s lives.. Every person she comes in contact with never forgets her amazing healing experience with her love for the universe and humanity.                                                        

From Mediumship, Natural Herbs to Kinesiology she is truly amazing with a heart of gold.

 REMO - Meet Spirit Clubs Wizard

Remo has been practicing for the last few years but has an amazing connection with Spirit and his guides.  Remo is a young medium with a very old sole with all of his wisdom and messages full of love and healing with spiritual guidance and premonitions for the future. 

 MICHELLE - Meet Spirit Clubs Light Healer

Also working with Spirit from a young age, she has learnt to trust and become an amazing transe Medium. Channeling healing and messages Michelle gives message of love and hope from spirit and angels.