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Spirit Club & Spirit Boot Camp

SPIRIT CLUB & D&M Retreats - Spirit Club was formed by Donna Young to build spiritual understanding and friendships all over the world – all classes are channelled by Donna with her strong team of guides. Classes are Face to Face or Via Zoom.

Spirit Club is Monday Fortnightly at 7.30pm
At Seven Hills Spiritual Centre / Shed  

Dates for 2022 - Monday 28th November  & Monday 12th December 

Back in 2023 in February 

- 32 Hope Street Seven Hills (through the back gate)

In Donna’s class you will learn how to step aside from your Ego and focus on all areas of the Spiritual World. Find and master your own gift with confidence and guidance from the other side.

You will understand and appreciate the importance of personal responsibility and delivering clear positive messages. Learn how to use Tools while working with spirit - Enhance your understanding of Trust, Control and Love.

With Donna’s classes & Workshops she covers Trance Mediumship, Channelling, Past Lives, Psychic, Cards and other tools. Missing Persons, Meditation, Healing, understanding your energy, working with light, Public Speaking, working with Confidence and business/advertising assistance.


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